Grandma G & Grandpa G - Metal Gnomes Collection - Gnome on Branch

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Grandma G 

My Name is Grandma G. There is not one thing better in life than being a Grandma.

Grandma G respects Mother Nature. She loves gems and jewellery - so be mindful. She nurtures the younger gnomes and teaches them the magical skills necessary to sculpt beautiful gardens. She maintains harmony, wholeness and balance within Gnomes Ville.

Grandpa G 

My name is Grandpa G. The best part of any day is the time spent with my grandchildren 

Grandpa G is a born leader and a symbol of wisdom. He’s said to be over 1000 years old! An earth spirit, Grandpa G treasures Mother Nature’s precious minerals and nutrients. He will ensure fertile soil and a garden of abundance. As the guardian of animal-kingdom, he will ward off the feline from doing their nasty business in your garden, in the most peaceful way.

Approx. Sizewidth18" and height: 10"


Customer Reviews

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Shirley Benarzi
The best gifts ever

I bought 3 pieces and all of them exceeded my expectations
they were gorgeous and the delivery was so quick
I am gifting them away which means that I now have to order some for my own garden