History of Gnome

Metal Gnome

Did you know that Gnomes first were discovered in Germany in the 1800's? These magical, mysterious and spiritual beings are believed to live underground in most cases. The name Gnome comes from the Latin "Earth Dwellers". They are nocturnal in nature, rarely seen in the daytime. Their shoes are designed to leave the footprint of a bird, which makes it next to impossible to find them.

Gnomes wear clothing to protect them from the elements when they are out and about. They also wear a tall conical cap. The male gnomes grow long beards, and have a fair complexion with rosy, bright cheeks. The female Gnome typically wears a long skirt and an apron. She can be identified by her sunshine like golden hair.

Gnomes are kind hearted beings, and have special powers to heal and protect all creatures. They carry knives to use for releasing trapped animals and caring for them with their special healing powers, protect themselves from harm and to better gather the food they eat. Gnomes are vegetarian, and their primary diet consists of berries, nuts, and vegetation. They are known to have exceptional vision, seeing things miles away. Although they are tiny, they are exceptionally strong. Their closest allies are elves and hobbits.

When they celebrate, they break out their fermented berry juices, spiced gin and fermented honey which they call their "meadow dew".

Gnomes are very hard working and bring good luck to all who pass their way. They are invisible to most humans, except the few who are gifted with the ability to see and talk with them.

Another interesting fact about gnomes is that they are attracted to the glitter of sparkling things such as gems and jewel stones, which make them excellent crafters at gem and jewel cutting. Another charming fact is that they like to plant wildflowers wherever they go. When you see a wildflower, ask yourself "Did a gnome plant that here?".

Gnomes are also known as "Earth Spirits". Being aligned with the earth, they anchor the earth's energy with their special powers. They are in tune with the earth's energy. They activate earth energy lines, and keep them clear for the earth energy to flow around the globe. They are often guardians of sacred sites and have access to many of earth's secrets. Gnomes are a wise elemental to befriend.

Gnomes live up to 400 years and live in structured social communities. The guides are an important part of any gnome village. They are usually elder members of the community and assist their fellow gnomes with finding food and land from which to build new places to live. These gnomes are known for their storytelling, and enjoy fascinating younger gnomes with their epic tales. Gnome guides carry journals to map out their travels, and make notes about their journeys.