Top 5 Tips To Accessorize Your Garden - Metal Gnomes

A well-kept garden is a sight to behold. Adding to the grand appeal of your home, carefully chosen garden accessories can either match or contrast with the unique style or color of your house. Whether you are an experienced gardener or a beginner; cute and fancy accessories will add to the charm of the outdoor space. These pointy-hatted statues or commonly known as garden gnome stands are a perfect option for the same.

Starting from the 18th century, garden gnomes have been a part of our lives. In the German folklore, they were considered to bring good luck that could help their field yield more produce and also protect them from pests or thieves. You can do the same by inviting some gnomes to your backyard, and they will make the space look even more beautiful. Be it a small yard or a large one, here we have some lovely ideas to accessorise your garden with these metal garden art pieces. Scroll on to know 5 best tips to accessorize your garden area.

Buying A Gnome:

Follow the history and buy a lawn gnome to decorate, protect and add a glam to your fashionable garden. The internet seems to be flooded with different types of backyard gnomes but you would find the supreme quality and personally designed gnomes on MetalGnome. From the basic selection to the higher quality, we have them all. Also, different sizes and different colors are an added glam to it. From classy to kitschy, there is truly something for each one of you. And why not gift one to your loved one this year; a gnome makes a perfect gift on all happy occasions.


Placing A Gnome:

These dwarfy red hatted creatures are commonly placed outdoors, though it is perfectly fine to have them in porches, patios or inside your homes. They can be a gentle addition to your fireplace or a bedroom. And we definitely think that you must place your gnomes on the garden walls, alongside the pathway or on the fence. Outdoor gnomes are mischievous and love to hide in between the plants (Do you want to have them too?). They have the power to flourish a barren area within no time. Therefore, there are no hard rules to place them, they can be moved to different places with time.


Perfect Site For A Gnome:

Put it on a windowsill for the amazing site of the outdoors or on a tree for it to be visible to everyone: the choice is only yours. Make a fairy garden or a miniature garden for your lovely gnome and you can even build a sweet little bird house for the gnomes’ family as they love being with the animals and birds. Let them enjoy the sound of water from your fountain or hide behind the flowers or bushes. Just set them free and let them find their own cute little place in your lawn.


Picking Your Gnome:

We offer more than a dozen varieties of metal lawn art, which varies from a classic red-hatted, white-bearded chubby gnome to a happily standing, sitting or a lounging one. Gnomes with shovels or wheelbarrows known as the working gnomes or the fishing gnomes also make for an ageless choice. You can have your patriotic one with an American flag or a sports lover. Whichever suits you, a garden gnome can find its place in most outdoor decors, and if chosen wisely, it does easily make a statement about the owner’s personality.

How Many Gnomes Should You Buy:

One, two, three or a whole set of gnome collection, there is no limit to the number, buy as many as you wish to. Garden gnomes love your company. The more you buy, the more prosperity they bring. So start filling your carts!


Finally, bring them home and enjoy their company. Forget the rulebook and let them be a part of your family. Also, don’t be surprised if you hear some pit-a-pat of cute little feet or vanished shiny things from your house. They might be smiling, blessing and searching for the treasures for you, a treasure of love, laughter and happiness.

Happy Reading!

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