7 Tips for Attracting Gnomes to Your Garden

Do you ever feel that things in your life are not working out the way you want them to be? Are you looking for some good fortune or better luck? It is possible to turn your luck around. And I don’t mean to do it with magic crystals, four-leaf clovers, or horseshoes. Instead, why don’t you think of bringing or attracting a cute little mischievous garden gnome or a metal yard gnome to your lush green garden?

After all, these stout but ever smiling creatures take care of the earth and help in growing things on it. They are the protectors of the earth and they possess amazing qualities to stay with you forever. But the question is how to bring a gnome to the garden. Well, that is quite possible and here are some tips to attract gnomes to your garden:


Be it green, short, tall, annual, perennial, biannual, woody, medicinal, climbing, or creeping, plants are an attraction for gnomes for sure. You can have plenty of colorful flowers or herbs to attract hummingbirds and delicate butterflies. Not only human beings but even gnomes love to live off the nectar of these super-smelling plants. Additionally, some moss, ferns, or bluebells, are a must in your gnome garden. Gnomes sometimes use them as their shelter as well.


Being nature lovers, gnomes are typically vegetarian. So, don’t wait and bring in all the fruity, nutty, citrusy, sweet, spicy flavors for them. Serve them a variety of berries and fruits. Their special attraction can be nuts, especially hazelnuts, walnuts, and beechnuts. They also like mushrooms and different green leafy vegetables with spices. Mark my words; you will love to feed these lovely creatures.


Gnomes not only protect your fields but also protect the various animals living there. Little squirrels, frogs, rabbits, and deer are some of their dear friends. They are also inclined towards burrowing animals such as moles. Let all of them give wonderful company to them. And who knows that these animals can soon be ‘partners in crime’ with the naughty gnomes.


Gnomes are hard-working creatures that are known to move to places in the dark. Why not provide them with a few interesting accessories so that they can stay more in your garden. These accessories can be wheelbarrows to work in the garden at night time. Or you can welcome them with a fancy fairy statue. Putting up a fountain can be a great idea as well to let them enjoy the sound of water, and some birdhouses might also attract them to your garden. 

Shiny things: 

Gnomes are attracted to all the shiny stuff such as the sparkling gems or any colorful object like a flag or a pinwheel. Anything that reflects light is attractive to the kitschy creatures. Another shiny stuff is a gazing ball which helps them to see through it into the dark corners of your garden. Place a few of these shiny things in your garden and let these mystical creatures bless you with all these colors and sparkle in your life.


Hold on and think of playing some soft and soothing music in your garden. A happy acoustic track or a pleasant folk song can do the magic trick. Anything that gives a vintage style rhythm will be appreciated by them. Don’t be surprised if you see gnomes walking in listening to your melodious tracks. You can also put a tinkling wind bell to add to the melody of the music. 


Peek-a-boo! Attract gnomes by allowing some wild space in your garden. They like the natural look and love sober garden plants with many places to hide. Allow gnomes to play hide and seek in some upturned pots or wooden logs. Let them stay behind the gorgeous plantations. Let them be comfortable all day, safe and unseen from your eyes. 

These garden decors or yard gnomes are considered very lucky if they reside in your garden space. Try these tips and tricks, and who knows you can get lucky to spot a red-hatted, white-bearded, long-haired creature in your garden. Your lawn will be blooming soon and you will see the positive effect on your mind & soul and ultimately in your life. Be smart, be patient, and be persistent for your luck is sure to turn around.

Happy Gardening!

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